What is your story?
If you want to increase awareness around your purpose, sharpen your communication strategy or develop a more inclusive and diverse culture, you are at a good place to find profound expertise and innovative formats for transformational facilitation & coaching.

Steph Kata

As a communication strategist, executive coach and mediator, I support leaders, teams and organizations to explore their stories, tell them powerfully and develop them through dialogue. 

Leadership & Charisma.


New work needs new leadership.
Get ready for a time with increasing uncertainty and not predictable challenges. I offer customised trainings and individual coaching formats to strengthen authentic and charismatic presence, to give orientation through future scenarios and to improve your skills to facilitate diversity and transform its 'natural' tensions into co-creation.
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Strategic Storytelling.


Crafting your core story.
If you want to work on your personal or organisational purpose and identity, get your vision clear and engage your stakeholders, let's go on a co-creative journey to tell your story and relate to your audience.
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Conflict work & co-creation. 


Transformative facilitation.
Instead of taking tensions and conflicts as failure, I consider them as a prosperous opportunity for organizational growth. I am looking forward to facilitate small or large groups, hosting dialogue or debate rooms and/or support you through individual coaching. 
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My deep motivation is to support pioneers and future narratives in their impact.

Dialogue Room

In the age of filter bubbles, we open a space for dialogue! The aim is to shed light on current topics from different perspectives, to build mutual understanding and a deeper awareness of the respective topics and different opinions about them. Hosts of the space for debates are trained Deep Democracy process facilitators.

Next date:
05 May 2021, 7.30pm - 9pm (online via Zoom).



Beyond Storytelling

Article: Storywork - transforming leadership and organisational culture with narrative work.
The content: While classic storytelling focuses on sending, storywork is a dialogue. The narrative material becomes a vehicle for awareness, transformational, and relational work. The methodology described draws from process-oriented psychology (process work or deep democracy approach), 'transformational' storytelling and a systemic basic attitude.

Transforming Organizations

Article: StoryWork- Facilitating the Transformational Power of Story on Brand and Organizational Development.
The content: The article discusses how stories and processes interact. A story created through empathic interaction can not only create charismatic branding, but also provide a solid and healthy foundation for organizational growth and transformation processes.

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