Retreat for Women Pioneers

Summer 2023

Stephanie Bachmair, Gabryiesca Basiuk & Iina Santamäki

What: 5 retreat days for pioneering women of all ages and stages of life who want to follow their design or leadership impulses and bring something new into their lives and environment.

When: Summer 2023

Where: Eetreat Center in South Finland

This retreat suits you if you want the following:    

  • Explore your life myth  
  • Work on existing resistances and fears  
  • Finding joy in your own expression  
  • Develop an Inner Work practice to work on inner and outer tensions.    
  • Enjoy peace and relaxation in harmony with nature
  • Develop healthy, everyday routines to increase your resilience in the long run  
  • Network with women who are also on the move  

If interested, please e-mail info@b-onfire.com.